Brief update on reviews and review method

Hi, welcome back. It has been a while.

If you have visited my website recently, you might notice that most of the brief review articles have been removed. The reason is that I am in the process of updating my review methodology, which also involves re-establishing benchmark IEMs. Therefore, some existing results might be outdated and need to be revised.

So, what will be the changes to the review methodology? First of all, the overall approach of rating IEMs based on A/B tests against benchmarks is unchanged. What changes are my understanding of separation, detail retrieval, and stereo imaging, following the encounter with some flagship IEMs and the rediscovery of Final Audio E3000. Stay tune. It’s going to be interesting!

I’ve also created new sections to keep track of my impressions of any IEMs that I have a chance to try. The list is expanding and includes some very interesting ones like Dunu SA6 and Zen Pro. You can find my impressions here.